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We Are Homegrown

At Zooba, we turn familiar Egyptian street food on its head (and dress it up a little, too). The Zooba brand is a celebration of Egyptian street food culture. We believe that Egyptian street food rivals the best in the world and that through Zooba we can proudly share Egypt’s utterly unique street dishes.

We Are Wholesome

We believe that the best food is real food served without preservatives, additives or artificial color and offered with full ingredient transparency.  We want our clients to know their food and to take pride in the wholesome, nutritious, and unique tastes of the Egyptian street. We also value a creative twist!  Think eggplant in your Taamia, homemade olive paste with your Roumi cheese, and oriental pastry in your rice pudding.

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Zooba Sounds

Cairo is a loud, bright and busy city, with something happening at anytime of the day or night; we believe that Cairo is the real city that never sleeps. The sounds of Cairo and Egypt are rich and vibrant with the old, the new and the in-between; remixes and covers. Listen to the sounds of Egypt through our playlists that cover all occasions that are Egyptian on our soundcloud page.

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