Our Culture

Our Mission :


Our Vision

Zooba in every major city in the world.
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    Real food

    Nothing beats real food; food that is prepared fresh with the highest quality produce and served without additives or preservatives.
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    A Smile

    We bring the open-hearted hospitality of the Egyptian home to every dining experience.
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    Respect first

    Each employee, customer and supplier is treated with respect and overwhelming appreciation for their partnership.
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    Attention to detail

    We pay attention to the big and little things. We believe that this is a collective responsibility and that no detail is too little for feedback and improvement.
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    By blending the familiar with the unfamiliar, we create an experience that pays homage to the resourceful and creative spirit of the Egyptian people.
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    At Zooba, we develop together, learn together and grow together; our team’s success is Zooba’s success.
  • Our Values

  • Our Values

  • Our Values

  • Our Values

  • Our Values

  • Our Values


Our People

People are the most important part of Zooba. We believe in the critical importance of hiring and retaining the right talent fit for Zooba.

Each member of the Zooba family is chosen based on our values, which define the Zooba corporate culture. We look for individuals who possess character traits - a contagious smile, a positive attitude, attentiveness, a courteous demeanor, and excitement about Zooba - that fit our unique values.

With this aim, we train and invest in our people to create a team that works well together in a friendly and exciting environment. All staff members participate in a new hire orientation, monthly training workshops, and an annual team building retreat. Zooba promotes from within to the greatest extent possible for all supervisory and management level positions.

We keep an eye out for team members who show leadership potential and a willingness to learn and grow.

At Zooba everyone has a chance to provide feedback through an annual performance review process and an annual employee satisfaction survey. We value our team and encourage each staff member to take initiative, help each other, identify and suggest improvements, and contribute to a positive work environment for everyone.

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